Cooking oil refining machine

Cooking oil refining machine

Oil Refining Plant Features
Capacity: 10-1000T/D
Bleaching clay quantitative system
Freezing filtration system
Fatty acid recovery system
Heat supply system(heat conduction oil boiler)
Vacuum system


According to customer requirement and specific objective conditions Lingfine company will recommend three different refining process: continuous refining process, semi-continuous refining process and batch refining process. Also the client can choose chemical refining or physical refining technology and machine in cooking oil refining plant.

Continuous refining process

This process continuously performs four refining sections,including degumming and deacidification, decolorization, deodorization, dewaxing .

The characteristics and application of continuous process

The process has the advantages of high refining rate, low loss and high product quality.It is Suitable for large and medium refining workshop.

 Semi-continuous process

It is a mixed process of batch production process and continuous production process.

The characteristics and application of Semi-continuous process?

The refining rate is higher than that of batch production process. It is Suitable for medium and small oil factory.

Batch refining process

Each refined sections operate intermittently.

The characteristics and applicable batch refining process

Simple devices, less investment,flexible process.It allow to be replaced raw oil varieties at any time.It is Applicable to small oil refineries or oil refineries with frequent oil.

Main processing section in crude cooking oil refining plant:

Refining process mainly contains the following sections:

Deacidification and Degumming, Decolorization, Deodorization and Dewaxing.

Cooking oil refining plant process flow chart:

Advantages of cooking oil refining line

·Advanced designed edible oil refining process. Lingfine designs advanced and professional edible oil refinery process to obtain high purity refined oil. It contains hydrated degumming, alkali refining deacidification, negative pressure decoloring process through blenching earth, deodorizing to remove odor components in oil, and dewaxing to remove wax in oil.

The heat conduction oil boiler can supply above 280°C energy to each device, steam generator can supply steam for deodorizing and distillation, vacuum pump can supply vacuum for dehydrate, decolor and deordor. The press filter is used to filter clay and filter out clear oil, and air compressor to blow dry blenched clay and empty the leftover oil in press filter.

·Automatic control system assures high efficiency edible oil refinery. The application of advanced automatic control system in large edible oil refining plant provides the most secured, reliable production in entire workshop and monitors the operation status by controlling the computer terminals.

·Low production cost and high purity refined edible oil. Lingfine adopts compact edible oil refining process to obtain high purity refined edible oil with impurity less than 0.2%. The adoption of waste recycle system can protect environment efficiently.