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    High Capacity Atmospheric And Vacuum Distillation Unit,Small

    Desalting and dewatering system. Typically, prilimilary desalting system is applicated to reduce the velocity of the crude oil. When crucial, the secondary desalting system is required. The water content material will even be separated at this stage. This is a crucial process for later oil refining as pretreatment.

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    Atmospheric distillation is the first and most fundamental step in the the refining process. The primary purpose of the atmospheric distillation tower is to separate crude oil into its components (or distillation cuts, distillation fractions) for further processing by other processing units. Atmospheric distillation typically sets the capacity limit for the entire refinery. All crude oil processed must first go through atmospheric distillation.

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    An atmospheric distillation unit in a crude oil refinery, is used to separate different hydrocarbon components of a crude oil mixture to be used for a variety of applications as products of crude oil refining. Atmospheric Distillation Unit (ADU) Crude oil is sent to the atmospheric distillation unit after desalting and heating.

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    Atmospheric Distillation Process Fundamental Concepts

    In operation, the working atmospheric crude distillation column must meet three major processing objectives; Initial separation of the crude oil for downstream processing. Heat recovery to reduce investment required and to reduce energy costs. Feed preparation for the downstream units.

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    Atmospheric Distillation. The main separation step in any crude oil refinery is atmospheric or primary distillation. Atmospheric distillation fractionates the crude oil into various distillates, fractions, or cuts of hydrocarbon compounds based on molecular size and boiling)point range [hroilplant., light ends, propane, butanes, straight ) run naphthas (light and heavy), kerosene, straight-run gas oils (light and heavy), and atmospheric residue] (Figure hroilplant).

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    Crude Oil Refinery Plant/Equipment, Oil Refining Machine

    Details about the oil refining machine: Then, the oil distillation system, which consists of the distillation reactor, refinery tower, heat exchange system, condenser system and oil storage. The raw oil material is heated and processed in the oil refining system. In addition, before the raw material entering the refining reactor,

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    Once received at the oil refinery the oil is desalted and heated, most of it vaporising as it is pumped into the atmospheric distillation unit for separating mixtures when refining crude oil. This is a vertical vessel which has horizontal trays at specific locations condensing the vapours as they rise up the vessel into naphtha, kerosene, diesel and gas oil.

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    Crude Oil Distillation unit (Atmospheric distillation): Distills the incoming crude oil into various fractions for further processing in other units. See continuous distillation. Vacuum distillation further distills the residue oil from the bottom of the crude oil distillation unit. The vacuum distillation is performed at a pressure well below atmospheric pressure.